Psychologist Polina Dieieva

Polina Dieieva

Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalytic Therapist, Integrative psychotherapist + 3
  • 257 consultations
  • 14 years practices
Russian, Ukrainian
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About the specialist
About Me
How I work
About Me
How do I help my clients?
If you are in a difficult life situation, desperate, don’t know who to turn to, what to do and how to continue living, I will help you figure it out! ☀️ In the process of psychotherapy, your attitude towards yourself will change, a deep understanding of feelings, desires, genuine needs and motives will appear. You will learn to appreciate and love yourself! 💖 😊 My name is Polina. I'm psychologist, psychoanalyst, doctor. It’s true that lately I’ve been having a hard time fitting in what I’m doing with these concepts. In order to expand my ability to help people, I constantly travel, study, meet health professionals and adopt different methods of healing the soul and body. 🌍 When you contact me, you can be sure that I see in you, first of all, a person, and not a set of symptoms. Therefore, I approach therapy comprehensively and pay attention to the body, psyche, and soul. ✨ With me you can rest assured about your mental health! 🌟
What results do my clients get after the first session?
The first meeting with a psychologist is an important step towards health and unlocking your potential. At the first consultation, I am ready to quickly formulate a professional vision of your situation and help you figure out where you should direct your efforts to overcome difficulties. 🌟 By choosing focal therapy (2-10 consultations), you will receive an in-depth study of the situation and develop ways for recovery. With longer therapy, we will work together to understand and find new ways of communication 🤝 Don't worry if you don't have a specific request - that's completely normal. Here we will together identify your needs and find a path to your well-being. 🌈 Trust the process, and I guarantee you support and a balanced approach. I will wait for our meeting! 💖
What's unique about my work with clients?
☀️In my practice, I rely on basic psychoanalytic education, but with each client the path is exclusively individual. 🤝🏻There is no one correct method, it is different for each person. Healing takes place within you. My task is to help overcome obstacles to reveal your unique personality🌱
How I work (methods and tools)
I use working methods from different areas of therapy. 🌱This includes body-oriented therapy, dance-movement therapy, symbol drama, sand therapy, music therapy, integrative analysis, breathing techniques...
Experience and education
Higher and professional education
Professional courses
Higher and professional education
Vinnytsia National Medical University named after M. I. Pyrogova, 2010, specialty: medical psychology, qualification: psychologist Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University. M. Kotsyubinsky, 2009, specialty: pedagogy and methods of secondary education, qualification: physical education teacher
Professional courses
The Association of Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts of Ukraine and the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine, 2014, certificate of group analyst according to the standards of the EFPP

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