Psychologist Eliz Maiboroda

Eliz Maiboroda

Art therapist, Psychologist, Coach + 1
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  • 3 years practices
English, Russian, Ukrainian
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About the specialist
About Me
How I work
About Me
How do I help my clients?
I am a certified coach and a master of psychology with over 8 years of experience in the IT field. My work is focused on collaborating with IT specialists, students, and expatriates, helping them successfully adapt to a new country after immigration. My experience in IT allows me to better understand their unique needs and challenges. I also specialize in developing job search strategies for students and professionals from various backgrounds, helping them find suitable positions, create effective resumes, and succeed in interviews. My goal is to provide them with support on their path to a new career. Additionally, I help clients overcome language barriers and communication fears, which contributes to successful adaptation and interaction in a new environment. My services include: Goal setting Prioritization Overcoming stagnation Decision-making Adaptation and integration Communication skills Cultural competence Emotional support Personal growth Time management Career support Goal clarification Career transitions Conflict resolution Mock interviews Stress reduction Resume/Cover Letter Job search strategies
What results do my clients get after the first session?
The goal of our first session is to meet each other and help you take the first step towards achieving your goals and becoming a better version of yourself. I'm always here to support you in this process. Here's what you can expect from the first coaching session: We will work on improving your understanding of your goals and ambitions. I'll help you clearly define where you want to move forward and how it relates to your personal goals. We will review your current goals and try to break them down into smaller, achievable steps. This will help you gradually progress towards greater achievements. We will also work on increasing your awareness of your strengths and areas where you can improve. This can help you develop your potential. One of our goals will be to strengthen your motivation and belief in your own abilities. This will be a source of energy for achieving your dreams. We will develop a strategy and action plan to help you specifically achieve your goals. This plan will be your guide on the path to success. Finally, we will work on understanding your needs and how to meet them. This will help you better manage your life and be more satisfied with the results. After the session, you will receive a report.
What's unique about my work with clients?
I love structure and help clients 'put everything in its place.'
How I work (methods and tools)
My work in coaching is a collaborative process in which we explore the client's potential together, identify their strengths, and find ways to unleash them.
Experience and education
Higher and professional education
Professional courses
Higher and professional education
Master's in Psychology
Professional courses
Арт-терапія / ICF (International Coach Federation) / PMP (Project Management Professional)
Диплом Магістра з Психології
ICF accredited training program
Теорія и практика консультування
Теорія и практика арт-терапії з різними категоріями населення

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